Let’s make fitness a celebration, not a punishment


Face it, fitness can be an excruciating chore. With pressure to be competitive and tough, it can actually provoke more stress than relief. What happened to moving your body for fun, not for perfection?

Melody DanceFit is on a mission to make you:

  • Feel good
  • Relieve stress
  • Laugh
  • Be present

fitness without the pressure

We’re about giving yourself the time and space to have fun—like really have fun—and trick your body into burning calories while you’re doing it.  As it turns out, people are dying to cut loose and do something different. Melody DanceFit classes have seen enormous growth and prosperity in Austin, Texas because it’s focused on NOT caring what you look like.  After several requests, I’ve decided to offer an online platform of classes and tutorials. Whether you want a unique sweat break in your office, or a fun dance party with friends in your living room, MDF online will get you moving. Wherever you are in the world, it’s time to start celebrating yourself! 

MDF Online


Access to 2 livestream workouts plus one new workout video a week (12 per month)
Access to an exclusive library of dance fitness workouts and breakdown tutorials
All livestreams are accessible for 24 hours after the event
Step by step breakdown of dances.
Members-only community group with early access to MDF events, tours, & retreats.


Kacie B.

“Melody doesn’t sell exercise, she sells a state of mind—a way of life—and it’s addicting. I left her class feeling completely transformed and inspired. She shows you how to let go of needing control and to truly be present in the moment. She is tailor-made for what she does and just by allowing people to experience her energy and love for life, she inspires them to find their own stage, whatever that looks like, and let loose. This class is a game changer!!”

Sireesha C.

 “I can’t recommend Melody and her brand enough. I am forever grateful to Melody for helping me find a physical strength I didn’t know I had, for showing me how to be comfortable in my own skin, and for giving me the gift of dance.”

Jenny V.

“I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression and along with that comes the lack of motivation to do quite anything, let alone work out! I found myself watching Melody’s videos on YouTube just to cheer myself up because just WATCHING them puts a smile on my face. Melody has an amazing gift. I am almost in tears just writing this. She is real, she is authentic, she is vulnerable, she is encouraging, she is no bullshit, and she is hysterical.” 

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