Dancing isn’t about being perfect, it’s about having fun



The class is a high energy cardio workout guaranteed to make you sweat. MDF blends self-empowerment, humor, and movement into one big dance party. The purpose of this class is to teach both non-dancers and dancers to let loose and move, even if you feel silly doing it. A dance class without the expectation to be any good at it. 



These workouts are designed to help you get out of your head and celebrate the luxury of being you. This is more than just a workout, it’s a mental release and a practice in letting go of control. MDF cultivates an uplifting community to remind you there is always a reason to celebrate yourself and that you are never alone. 

MDF Online


Access to 2 livestream workouts plus one new workout video a week (12 per month)
Access to an exclusive library of dance fitness workouts and breakdown tutorials
All livestreams are accessible for 24 hours after the event
Step by step breakdown of dances.
Members-only community group with early access to MDF events, tours, & retreats.


Catherine C.

“Melody’s classes aren’t just about fitness and having fun dancing but there’s also a huge motivational, inspirational, almost spiritual component to them, too. Melody’s message is all about loving yourself, loving and supporting others, not judging yourself or others and owning your fabulous life. After every class, I feel exhilarated physically, mentally and emotionally. She’s by far the most motivating instructor I’ve had!” 

Natalia M.

She’s goofy and makes me feel like a powerful woman. She encourages us to be supportive and kind to one another. She gives me the energy to make it through class. She teaches me to be a better dancer, and she’s a great example of a confident, loving woman… and that rubs off on all of us. She makes every class fun and I always look forward to it. And she does all of this with a natural ease that can only come from her heart and because she loves what she does. I’m very thankful for her!”

Tina R.

“Melody inspires me in a way I’ve never experienced in a workout. Her focus has never been on losing weight, but more just on losing yourself for an hour, which most days, can leave you feeling lighter than any weight loss can.” 


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