About the Founder

My name is Melody Afkami. I'm a native Austinite and UT grad. After graduating, I entered the corporate technology world pursuing Sales, Business Development, and Marketing. While I thoroughly enjoyed all the education and training acquired in my roles, I yearned for more meaning in my everyday life. For as long as I can remember, I loved to dance. It was my therapy, my best friend, and my creative outlet. I was lucky to grow up with formal training in pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and latin ballroom, but I didn't realize my true passion for dance until I started teaching dance fitness.

Bringing people together and inspiring them to have a liberating workout is an incredibly rewarding experience. I love dance fitness because it's fun and accessible for everyone - with or without a dance background. It's not about having perfect technique or being the fittest, it's about letting go of your mind and getting lost in the music. I truly believe in the healing power of dancing in synchronization with others; it releases your endorphins and promotes social bonding. If you absolutely hate the idea of attending a dance fitness class, go home, put on your favorite song, and dance like a crazy maniac. I guarantee it will bring some much needed joy to your life!

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Work with Me

I am available for corporate events, women empowerment workshops, bachelorette parties, wedding choreography, and much more. I'm always open to collaborating with good people and look forward to building an even bigger fitness community here in Austin and across the globe.

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